Brenny Transportation, Inc. - MTA Involvement

Brenny is very active in the Minnesota Trucking Association. Joyce Brenny has been on the Board of Directors since 2005. She took over as chair August 2011.

In the picture below, Joyce is pictured with one of the original founders of the Minnesota Trucking Association - Willis E. Elsholtz. Mr. Elsholtz was part of the original founders of the MTA, which was founded in 1932. As you look at this picture, you are looking at the past and future of the Minnesota Trucking Association. Joyce is only one of three women on the MTA Board of Directors.

Joyce and Barbara Windsor
Joyce and Willis Elsholtz

Above: MTA Chair Joyce Brenny and ATA
Chair Barbara Windsor - "Women Rule!"

Below Left: Joyce Brenny received the MTA President's Award in 2012.

Joyce Brenny
MTA Members at Capitol

Above Right: Joyce & MTA members working on trucking issues at the MN State Capitol.

MTA Driver of the Month

Below: MTA Technician of the Month!!

Above: MTA Driver of the Month!!

From left to right:

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